Arab company headquarters

Al-Arabi headquarters

Idea about the project:

Al-Arabi Company for Trade and Industry “Al-Malik” owns a plot of land of 6,000 square meters on North Teseen Street, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Hereinafter referred to as the “Project”, to be used as an administrative headquarters.
The owner has constructed the concrete structure of the building with a total area of 28,600 square meters, the existing concrete structure consists of:

Three (3) basements, the area of each of them is about 6000 square meters, about 50% of the area of the first basement is a gallery, a ground floor with an area of ​​about 1600 square meters, 50% of which is a gallery, From the first to the sixth floors, frequent administrative roles that include a multiple hall Use on the sixth floor, the area of each floor is about 1650 square meters, the roof floor will be used for air conditioning equipment and so on.

The project consists of two phases:

The first stage / facade works, external coordination works, electromechanical works, and exhibition finishing works,
The second stage / related to building works and interior finishes for the administrative building.

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