Biogenic Pharma Factory – Tenth of Ramadan

Biogenic Pharma Factory - Tenth of Ramadan

Idea about the project:

Biogeneric Pharma Factory LLC On a plot of land with an area of 19,500 square meters in the 10th of Ramadan City, it is a pharmaceutical factory according to international and Egyptian standards.

The factory mainly consists of two separate buildings, The first building is the administrative building for the factory and includes the laboratories. The second building is for manufacturing, packaging and storage works. The area and height is about 15 m².

The works that Mimar Company is currently executing are the works of the fence and the architectural facades of the administrative and industrial buildings, the external and internal buildings, the works of transformer rooms, the boiler rooms, the basements of the elevator buildings, stairs, cladding works, insulation works, surface finishing, and the INFRA STRUCTURE works.


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